i'm carly, a 22 year old photographer based in winnipeg, manitoba, canada. my love for photography began at a young age. i was constantly stealing my mothers point and shoot camera and bringing disposables along with me on camping trips.


     eventually, i had the wonderful opportunity to major in a photography course in highschool. i was given unlimited studio space to practice in which i am extremely thankful for. there was also a darkroom available to me whenever, where i would learn to develop my own film and prints. my passion for film photography definately blossomed during this time in my life. 


     currently, i am spending a lot of my time working my 9-5, alongside growing with my photography in hopes of establishing a stable career doing so. i also love to travel and explore the world with the people i love.  

     i take pictures because i enjoy doing so. i hope whoever sees them enjoys them as well.